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My Listing Flyers is a product of Connective Mobile, a Mobile Marketing company. It was specifically designed with ease of use and cost effectiveness in mind. After years of working with REALTORS© we wanted to give back something. Which is why we provide the free tier.

We’re obsessed with technology, love a challenge, and enjoy learning from our customers-it’s their feedback that helps us to deliver a service that’s easy to use and delivers results.

We love working with realtors. It’s inspiring to see the way many have responded to the housing market over the last couple years. It’s easy to spot a Realtor who is passionate about their career. These individuals are determined & creative… all in their own unique way. It’s our goal to enhance these attributes with digital tools that will help our clients be even more successful.

Digital Home Info, Connective Mobile’s Flagship Real Estate Marketing Platform is a comprehensive digital marketing system specifically designed to meet the needs of the real estate industry. We have been providing mobile marketing solutions to the real estate, restaurant/retail, and event industries since early 2007 and have continued to expand our real estate services.

By offering a comprehensive digital marketing tool for our real estate clients, we enable them to focus on the business of marketing and selling listings instead of inputting data into yet another system. This is why all of our packages include text messaging, audio tours, virtual tours, mobile virtual tours, social media integration and syndication.

What's New

Four Photo Real Estate Listing Flyer

The four photo listing flyer is beautiful. The photos are arrayed in an offset column on the left while the right side is for...

Two Photo Listing Flyer

This gorgeous Two Photo Listing Flyer has a changeable background and presents any two photos, slightly overlapping in adjacent corners. This listing flyer features:

Agent Photo...

Single Photo Listing Flyer

The first of our listing flyers is the “Single Photo Listing Flyer.” It has a large single photo centered horizontally. This listing flyer features:


Free Real Estate Listing Flyers

Connective, LLC is proud to announce the immediate availability of My Listing Flyers. My Listing Flyers is a simple tool designed to help Real...